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Mass Processing for Control Cycles (New) ( RELNPP_605_MAN_LMAN02_MM )

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Mass Processing for Control Cycles (New)


As of SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0 (SAP_APPL 605), business function Kanban Enhancements for Lean Manufacturing, you can use the mass-processing function for control cycles. In addition to individual maintenance, the ALV grid is now available for mass maintenance purposes. This enables you to process and change groups of control cycles using the Copy and Paste function with Excel, for example.

With the new pushbuttons that appear in change mode of the transaction PKMC, mass processing provides you with the following functions for several control cycles:

  • Create control cycles
In line with your operational processes, you can create a predefined number of control cycles with and without reference. This is made possible by the new statuses of the lifecycle for control cycles. If you have activated the lifecycle in Customizing, you cn create the new control cycles in different statuses. In the standard system, the status In Creation is offered.
  • Copy control cycles
You have the option of copying control cycles using templates. You can either make several copies of a control cycle (whereby the material number is not provided) or copy several control cycles to create the same number of new ones (whereby the material number is adopted). For both copying and creation, the plant and PSA can be prepopulated via the dialog box.
  • Change control cycles
You can change the data for all fields belonging to the control cycle that are ready to accept input. You can carry out a mass data change using the Copy and Paste function. When control cycle data is changed, a consistency check is carried out (in accordance with the lifecycle status). You can save consistent control cycles after this.
  • Change control cycle category
To change the control cycle category, you choose the relevant pushbutton. You can convert a classic kanban control cycle into an event-driven one, for example.
  • Change replenishment strategy
As in individual processing, you can also change the replenishment strategy for selected control cycles in mass processing.
  • Delete control cycles
You can use this function to delete several control cycles in which the kanban containers are no longer active. Deletion is not effective until you save in the transaction.
  • Mass printing
You can print a selected number of control cycles if the corresponding master data has been maintained in the control cycle and in Customizing.
  • Consistency check
After each mass-processing operation, an automatic consistency check is started for new or changed control cycles. The result of the consistency check determines whether or not the relevant control cycle can be saved.
However, you can also use the Consistency Check pushbutton to trigger a manual consistency check for all or selected control cycles at any time. If you have activated the lifecycle for control cycles in Customizing, this takes place taking the new lifecycle status into account.
  • Message log
The result of each consistency check is outputted in a message log. In addition to the messages, statistics on the number and consistency of the control cycles also appear in the log. You can rectify inconsistencies both directly in the ALV and in the detailed view.
  • Save control cycles
As in individual maintenance, you can save the changed and consistent control cycles to the database. Upon saving, a message is issued regarding the number of created, changed, and deleted control cycles.

Effects on Existing Data

Effects on Data Transfer

Effects on System Administration

Effects on Customizing

If you wish to make customer-specific enhancements to the mass-processing functionality, in Customizing, choose Production -> Kanban -> Business Add-Ins ->Changing of Fields and Their Readiness to Accept Input.

This BAdI enables you to define the readiness to accept input of certain fields on a customer-specific basis.

Further Information

SAP Library for SAP ERP on the SAP Help Portal at -> ERP Central Component -> SAP ERP Enhancement Packages -> ERP Central Component Enhancement Package 5 -> SAP ERP Central Component -> Logistics -> Production -> PP Kanban -> Master Data for Kanban -> Control Cycle -> Mass Processing for Control Cycles.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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