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/AIN/DEV_PRINT025 - System cannot determine company prefix for tag encoding type &1 - /AIN/DEV_PRINT 025

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The user input (or the XML message) did not contain the value of the main component (for example, SSCC, GIAI,) for the specified tag encoding type (for example, SSCC-64, GIAI-64).

The system attempts to generate the main component for the tag encoding type from the company prefix; however, no company prefix was specified at input, nor was it maintained in the device location definition.

System Response

The system logs an error message.


You must specify the main component or a company prefix (using the user interface or XML document), or maintain the company prefix for the device location (from the SAP Easy Accessscreen choose Auto-ID Infrastructure → Master Data → Location).

  • For tag encoding type SSCC-96 or SSCC-64, the main component is SSCC
  • For GIAI-96 or GIAI-64, the main component is GIAI
  • For DOD-96 and DOD-64, there are no main components and a company prefix is required.

Procedure for System Administration

BAL_S_LOG - Application Log: Log header data   PERFORM Short Reference  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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