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/AIN/EPC124 - Number Range Not Available (&1: &2 &3) - /AIN/EPC 124

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The number range was not defined for the encoding type.

System Response

The system logs an error message and the error message is displayed on the UI, if the process was initiated using a UI.


Maintain the number range for the encoding type. The menu path for maintaining number ranges for all encoding type is SAP Easy Access screen → Auto-ID Infrastructure → Master Data → Number Ranges. The transaction code for each encoding type is given below.

Encoding TypeTransaction
SGTIN-64/96GTIN Number Range (/AIN/GTIN)
SSCC-64/96SSCC Number Range (/AIN/SSCC)
GIAI-64/96GIAI Number Range (/AIN/GIAI)
GRAI-64/96GRAI Number Range (/AIN/GRAI)
DOD1-64/96DoD Tag Data Construct Number Range (/AIN/DOD1)

Procedure for System Administration

CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES - Frontend Services   General Data in Customer Master  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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