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/CRMBW/MSG_GEN103 - Unique BW client for system &1 is '&2' (logical system '&3') - /CRMBW/MSG_GEN 103

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This message informs about the unique BW client as it is defined in your system.

System Response


If you receive this message as an information message (and not as an error), and if client is the client that you intend to use as the unique BW client, nothing needs to be done.

Procedure for System Administration

You can change the entry using the Function Builder (transaction SE37). Execute the function module RS_MANDT_UNIQUE_SET and enter the number of the correct client when prompted for I_MANDT.

Note:This setting should not be changed once it has been defined in the productive environment. To change the setting after source systems have been already connected to the former BW client means that all persistent data on BW side will be lost, since all source systems (incl. the Myself system) will need to be removed. Manual steps may become necessary on BW side to clean up the metadata store as well. Knowledge about BW technology is strongly recommended.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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