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/EACA/PMCF121 - Metadata in Profitability Management data retention is inconsistent - /EACA/PMCF 121

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Via its field lists for characteristics and basic key figures, the Profitabilty Mangement View instructs data retention to store these fields. If these fields are not taken into consideration in the data retention data structures, the view cannot be provided with consistent data.

In this case, the metadata in data retention for the Profitability Management View does not meet the requirements of the view. This is the case if, after field lists have been created or changed for the view, the field lists are not fetched from data retention for the view.

System Response

Due to this inconsistency, the Profitability Management View cannot be activated.


Start Accounting Views -> Profitability Management View -> Set Up Variant and carry out Data Retention for the active variant. Check and/or maintain the data retention metadata here. Additionally, make sure that all requested fields in the view are taken into consideration in the data supply flow of the cost and revenue journal for the Profitability Management View.

Procedure for System Administration

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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