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/CRMBW/MSG_GEN191 - CRM interactive reporting: &1 messages in total, &2 errors, &3 warnings - /CRMBW/MSG_GEN 191

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The system has checked the current configuration for CRM interactive reporting, and collected the corresponding status information: There are errors and warnings.

System Response

The overall status is displayed as follows:

  • Red status if there is any error message in the log file
  • Yellow status if there is any warning message in the log file
  • Green status if there is no warning or error message


Subsequently check and eliminate all errors and warnings. Consider the optional Details section of the messages. You can perform the corresponding configuration steps by double-clicking the message, or choosing Execute, if available. Note that you must be authorized to perform the configuration.

Choose Refresh to let the system recheck the revised configuration. Reaching the yellow status, the configuration of CRM interactive reporting is correct. However, we recommend to adjust the settings until you reach the green status.

For more information, see SAP Solution Manager and SAP Note 1146395.

Procedure for System Administration

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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