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In company code , which is to be closed, APC values have not been posted to Financial Accounting for all relevant depreciation areas.

Depreciation area , at least, is set up for periodic posting of APC values.

The year-end closing checks if documents were posted that have an entry date after the last run of the program for periodic posting of APC values. If such documents are found, the system issues this message.


  • Check which depreciation areas are supposed to post APC values periodically to Financial Accounting according to their Customizing definitions (indicator: "Post assets periodically in General Ledger")
    See the Define How Depreciation Areas Post to General Ledger IMG activity.
  • Start the program for posting APC values. In the Asset Accounting main menu, choose Periodic processing. Start this program in update mode, regardless of whether or not documents are displayed in test mode, or if a message appears stating that there are no documents to be posted.
    Start APC Posting Program

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