KE499 - Profitability segment number & does not exist in operating concern &! - KE 499

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The system discovered a serious inconsistency in the data basis of Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) This message should never occur in the course of normal operations.

The system tried to find characteristics from the segment table CE4 using the segment number in operating concern . This profitability segment number does not exist.

This can occur if you have deleted data from table CE4 and have already assigned data to profitability segments in this operating concern.

Another cause may be that you have changed the assignment of your controlling area to an operating concern. When this happens, the system tries to interpret the segment numbers in the new operating concern.

System Response

Do not continue processing.


The data in the segment table needs to be reconstructed. It may be possible to re-enter the assignments to profitability segments.

Look in OSS for notes regarding error message KE499. You may find information there that could help you solve the error.

Otherwise contact your CO-PA consultant or create a problem message.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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