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The system uses criteria sent by the customer in the IDoc to determine the related scheduling agreement in the SAP System.

In your case, there is no existing scheduling agreement, or the criteria specified by the customer does not match the scheduling agreement that you have created for the customer.

The system checks the criteria as follows:

  • Customer/Material number
  • Customer number
  • Customer plant
  • Purchase order number or unloading point, if you have activated the check in Customizing for scheduling agreements with delivery schedules
  • Usage indicator
  • General text

If this search is unsuccessful, the system also checks on the basis of the customer/material number only.

System Response

The system ends processing of the IDoc.


We suggest you do one of the following:

  • Switch to the scheduling agreement change mode (transaction VA32) and find the scheduling agreement manually. Enter the criteria yourself in the "further search criteria" section of the change screen. If necessary, correct the scheduling agreement.
  • Process the IDoc manually. In this way, you can review all of the data in the different steps of the IDoc and correct it if necessary.
  • If the IDoc is correct, and you cannot find an existing scheduling agreement, create a new scheduling agreement.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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