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/ACCGO/FEAT_SWITCH - Activate Feature Switches

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In this Customizing activity, you can maintain switches for the optional ACM features.

For each of the following features, the system behaves as follows when the switch is activated:

  • CAD_ROUTE (CAD Route)
When activated, purchase of the loads is made by generating an unassigned CAD and applying it to a trading contract (TC), generating the required purchase documents.
  • IND_LIFT (Individual Lift on FLAT 2)
When activated, futures and basis condition types in Componentized Flat fixations can be individually lifted.
  • NETTING (Netting)
When activated, storage costs of commingled stock are discounted during the purchase settlement.
  • UNPL_TTD_O (Unplanned TTD Only)
When activated, LDC objects with application instruction 03 (Existing Contract) can only be created using the unload event.

Enter the Feature Switch ID and Feature Description fields, and then mark the checkbox for activation.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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