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/ACCGO/V_EVTMAS - Maintain Settlement Events for Revenue Recognition

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In this Customizing activity, you define the settlement events that are required to determine if an item is ready for revenue recognition or purchase realization.

If the revenue recognition registry has been enhanced with additional custom settlement events, configure the related indicators and enable them here.

The following settlement event indicators are included in the standard solution and can be activated as required:

Event IndicatorDescriptionSideEnable
FP_INDIFinal PriceM purchasingX
FP_INDIFinal PriceV Sales/DistributionX
GQ_INDIFinal QualityM purchasingX
GQ_INDIFinal QualityV Sales/DistributionX
GW_INDIFinal WeightM purchasingX
GW_INDIFinal WeightV Sales/DistributionX
PR_INDIPhysical ReceiptM purchasingX
TT_INDITitle TransferM purchasingX
TT_INDITitle TransferV Sales/DistributionX

Note that the Physical Receipt indicator is only relevant for purchase realization.

V Sales/Distribution

To maintain settlement events for revenue recognition, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose New Entries.
  2. Enter required details.
  3. Save entry.
V Sales/Distribution

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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