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/AFS/SIMGARUN_MTCONF - Configure ARun Optimizer Type

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With ARun Optimizer, you can check and manually change the allocations made by allocation runs. The settings in the ARun Optimzer type control the behavior of the ARun Optimizer.

Define the ARun Optimizer type and enter a descriptive text.

The following fields are mandatory for each ARun Optimizer type:

  • Mode
  • Selection program
  • Display group
  • Stock selection

The Modedetermines whether the ARun Optimizer processes normal data or data from assignments created by ARun in preview mode.

The Programfield in the selection section can contain a generated selection report.

The Checkssection contains different checks that are executed before the data is displayed in ARun Optimizer. The results of these checks are displayed with traffic signals.

The Parallel Process section controls the work processes for release check and reallocation.

The Allocation Type field in the Proposalssection controls reallocation.

The Stock Selection field controls stock selection during allocation.

The Release Rule field controls the release check.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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