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/AFS/SIMGMM_SACTRL - Define Source Allocation Control

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In this IMG activity you activate the AFS source allocation and make important settings so you can control your vendor evaluation and vendor selection.

Since you control business relationships long-term across many value added stages using the "fixed criteria", you cannot specify them individually for each source allocation run. Rather, they are activated comprehensively for the source allocation in this IMG activity.

  • In Customizing, you decide whether a check for AFS quotas, political restrictions, and vendor capacity should generally take place during the selection of the optimal vendor.
  • If the capacity situation of your vendor should also be considered, you must also specify a consumption point in this IMG activity, at which open capacities should be consumed. You can enter the delivery date of the purchase requisition or of the purchase order as the reference date for the calculation of the capacity consumption point.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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