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/BEV3/CHVA_FUBA_FUSS - Allowed function modules document footer processing

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In this IMG activity you define function modules to control the output items in the document footer.

The standard delivery contains function modules for the document footer.

Use the standard function modules or specify your own.

If no assignment is made, the function module /BEV3/CHVVA_FUSS_DUMMY is used. It does not generate an output.

No output / Dummy: /BEV3/CHVVA_FUSS_DUMMY,,

Capital status at end of contract statement: /BEV3/CHVVA_FUSS_KAPITAL,,

No movements in period: /BEV3/CHVVA_FUSS_KEINE_BEW,,

Sort main area: /BEV3/CHVVA_FUSS_SORT_MAIN,,

Sort main area FI document date, FI document number: /BEV3/CHVVA_FUSS_SORT_MAIN_002,,

Standard module for generating an output in form footer: /BEV3/CHVVA_FUSS_STANDARD,,

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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