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/CPD/PWS_BADI_RO_DL - BAdI: Check Object Status Before Removal of Assignment

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This Business Add-In (BAdI) is used in the Project Workspace (CA-CPD-WS) component of Commercial Project Management (CA-CPD). You can use this BAdI to implement your logic to validate a reference object while deleting its assignment from a commercial project.

Corresponding RFC connections exist if reference objects are in a different system.

For more information about the standard settings (filters, single or multiple uses), see the Enh. Spot Element Definitions tab in the BAdI Builder (transaction SE18).

The default BAdI implementation (fallback class /CPD/CL_PWS_FB_ROBJ_STAT_DL) does the following:

  • The logical system for the CRM Opportunity object type is determined.
  • Standard BAPI BAPI_OPPORTUNITY_GETDETAILMUL is called to read the CRM Opportunity header status.
  • If the status of the CRM Opportunity header is either Won (E0003) or Lost (E0004) then the deletion of the CRM opportunity from the commercial project is not allowed. A corresponding message is displayed and further processing is stopped. Deletion is allowed for all other statuses of the CRM Opportunity.

BAdI method documentation:


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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