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/DSD/HH_RAVISCOD - Define Customer Visit Reasons

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In this Customizing table you can define the customer sales calls reasons to describe a visit to a customer in detail. The classification itself does not initiate any operative activities.

In the BAdI of the delivery, /DSD/HH_RTACC_CHECK, customer-specifc extensions can be implemented. This makes it possible for the customers to create their own classifications for the customer sales calls and to store the relevant flow logic in the above mentioned BAdI.

By integrating the BAdIs into the check modules it is guaranteed that these BAdIs are called during uploading.

The BAdI is provided with an error table that can also be filled accordingly by the BAdI. If, for example, a record with an error message of type A (premature termination) is added, this eventually prevents writing to the route accounting data base in the BAPI. An entry is merely written in the application log.

The following reasons may be the cause of a customer sales call:

  • Outbound delivery
  • Presales
  • Fxing a drink ending machine
  • Refilling a drink vending machine

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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