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/IBS/RB_CONFST_2 - Define Rules for Value Adjustment Position Generation in RBD

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In this Customizing activity, you assign the RBD flow types to target flow types, resulting from the requirements of the totals-based approach.

With this approach, it must be possible to compare the existing value adjustment positions with the positions from the Position Management source systems. The resulting deltas require an increase or reduction of the target flow balance (position generation: increasing flow balance or decreasing flow balance).

The effects on the RBD positions (delta) are handled in the following Customizing activities:

For individual business transactions in an item-based source system, for example, direct write-off from SAP Loans Management for Banking, Suite Edition (SAP-CML), a flow type for value adjustment correction must be defined in this table to ensure that the positions in the source system and RBD component can be compared.

If you set the manual planned records indicator in the Customizing activity General Settings for RBD Tool, you must also assign the manual flow types to the automatic flow types to enable comparison of the value adjustment balances.
For the flow type definition in sample Customizing, all write-off flows from the Position Management systems are classified as a direct write-off by the RBD component. The usage flows are assigned by the Customizing settings mentioned above.

For a RBD account, value adjustment appropriations for open interest were EUR 70 in the previous year and are EUR 40 for the current fiscal year. During update of the RBD account, the source system reports an interest loss of EUR 100. The RBD Customizing settings define that the system must first reset the value adjustments set up in the current fiscal year and that they must be written off directly. If this does not cover the whole loss, the system must then use up or write off the value adjustments from previous years. The following postings are made for the RBD account:

  • EUR 40 - Reset Appropriation IVA Interest (RBD flow type '0201')
  • EUR 40 - Direct Write-Off Interest (RBD Flow Type '0301')
  • EUR 60 - Usage IVA Interest (RBD Flow Type '0401')

The next time that the RBD account is updated, the source system reports an interest loss of EUR 105. According to Customizing activity Assign Flow Type of Source System to RBD Flow Type, RBD interprets this as the amount to be posted using the flow type 0301 (direct write-off interest).

You use the Customizing table stored in this Customizing activity to define the posted RBD flow types that are to be combined for comparison with the source system.

In this example, the system posts the total interest loss of EUR 100 with EUR 60 as usage with RBD flow type '0401'. To make it possible to compare the write-off balances of the RBD module with the write-offs in the balance-managing systems, you must define in the Customizing table assigned to this Customizing activity that the RBD flow type '0401' is to be assigned to target flow type '0301' as an increasing flow balance. (See first line of sample Customizing).

To ensure that the 'Reset Appropriation IVA Interest Current Year' (RBD flow type '0201') posting is included in the calculation of the current value adjustment balance, you must create the second line of the sample Customizing. The offsetting flow type for the current fiscal year for the RBD flow type '0201' is the flow type '0101' (Appropriation IVA Interest) according to Customizing table Define RBD Flow Type and FI Account Determination. This must be stored as the offsetting flow type for value adjustment.

Flow TypeTarget Flow TypePosition GenerationVA Adj. FlowPosition Generation
04010301VA Increasing
03010301VA Increasing0101VA Increasing

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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