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/IBX/MSG_OVERL - Override System Behavior for Messages

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In this activity, you can change the error severity of individual messages, which can influence further processing. This mainly affects messages from the business functions. As a rule, technical errors cannot be overridden, or if they are, this still does not change the process behavior. Column "ID Override Lock" indicates whether this prerequisite exists.

The lock indicate for messages that cannot be overridden was set in the Customizing activity Define Messages That Cannot Be Overridden.

Effect of error severity in the overall process:

Error Severity Runtime Error (X): Messages of this type usually occur following problems with error logging and cannot be overridden. They lead to a runtime error that cannot be further processed. Overriding a message to this error severity leads to a behavior equivalent to a termination.

Error Severity Termination (A): This error severity leads to a termination of the subprocess or subsequently to a termination of the complete process. As a rule, this error severity is used if it is likely that the error will occur repeatedly with multiple attempts regardless of the business object itself. This is the case, for example, if required Customizing tables have not been maintained.

Error Severity Single Record Error (E): This error severity leads to the affected record being filtered out without terminating processing overall. The single record error may lead to a termination, but only when the subprocess ends. This can be maintained in activity Override Process Behavior. As a rule, this error severity is used if, for example, a suitable entry was not available in Customizing for the business object, but Customizing is maintained as a whole. It is therefore possible that another business object can be processed successfully.

Error Severity Warning (W) This error severity leads to no changes in the process, so the affected business object is processed. This makes sense if, for example, a correct value could not be determined and standard values are used instead. This error severity should be used if an overridden message should not affect further processing.

Information Messages (I) Like warnings, messages of type "Information" do not affect processing.

With regard to overriding errors, the function in which the error originally occurred is first terminated for the current business processes. This means that data could not be determined, for example, and follow-on functions are not available. This cannot be influenced by an override, it only influences the subsequent subprocess steps. It is therefore necessary to check on a case-by-case basis what effect a message has, and with what consequences it can be overridden. In cases of doubt, the error severity should not be overridden.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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