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/FLDQ/AD_SUPPROC - Maintain exception table of transaction codes.

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During postal validation, a list of address data may be presented to the user if the input address is ambiguous. The list is called a suggestion list. The user must select the item from the list containing the appropriate address data in order for postal validation to continue.

There may be some transactions for which you do not want the user to be presented with a suggestion list. This activity allows you to disable suggestion lists, preventing them from being displayed for specific transactions.

By default, suggestion lists are enabled for all transactions. Because this is an exception table, there are no entries initially.

1. Enter a Transaction code to specify the transactions for which you do not want suggestion lists to appear.

2. Check the box Suppress Validation to prevent postal validation for that transaction (not recommended).

3. Check the box Suppress Search to prevent duplicate error search for that transaction (not recommended).

4. Check the box Suppress Dialog to prevent suggestion lists from appearing in dialog boxes.

This activity also allows you to disable postal validation and duplicate check on a transaction basis. This change is not recommended, however, because it would allow invalid address data and duplicates to be stored in your SAP system.

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