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EHS_MD_110_05_13 - Set Up Job for Creation of Change Documents

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In this IMG activity you set up the job for the report program RC1_CHANGE_DOCS_GET so that change documents from the SAP archive can be transferred and the context data that you defined in the IMG activity Specify Context Fields for Creation of Change Documents can be extended.


Schedule the job periodically (at night, for example).
To make changes to begin with, you can start the report program manually. To do this, choose Program -> Update data and then Program -> Execute from the Display Change Documents for Specifications selection screen.
  1. Choose Edit -> Start date and in the following dialog box, choose the Date/Time function.
  2. Enter the required data and select Execute job periodically.
  3. Enter RC1_CHANGE_DOCS_GET as the name of the ABAP program.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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