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EHS_MD_135_05 - Set Up RFC Destination

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In this IMG activity, you set up the Remote Function Call (RFC) destination in the SAP system.

Create the RFC Destination

  1. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Tools -> Administration -> Administration -> Network -> RFC Destinations (transaction SM59).
The Display and Maintain RFC Destinations screen appears.
  1. Choose Edit -> Create.
The RFC Destination screen appears. Enter the following data:
  • RFC Destination: Name of your RFC destination, for example, EHS_EXPERT

This entry also corresponds to the entry for the EXPERT_DESTINATION parameter for the user exit of the Expert(see Extend Entry in Secondary Data Determination).
  • Connection Type: T

Connection type T stands for TCP/IP connections.
  • Description: Enter a text to describe the RFC destination.

  1. Confirm your entries.
  2. On the Technical Settings tab page in the Activation Type screen area, set the Registered Server Program indicator.
  3. In the Registered Server Program screen area, enter a unique identification in the Program ID field. We recommend you enter the name of the RFC destination. The entry must match the PROGID entry in the SAPRFC.INI file of the corresponding Expertserver.
When you set up the Expertserver using service administration, the PROGID entry is generated automatically.
  1. If the SAP system comprises a number of application servers, you must specify under Gateway Options the gateway of the application server under which the Expertserver has registered itself. Enter the values for the parameters GWHOST and GWSERV from the SAPRFC.INI file of the Expertserver for the input fields Gateway host and Gateway service. See the IMG activity Set Up SAPRFC.INI.
  2. Save your entries.

Test the RFC Destination

To test the RFC destination, you must have started the Expertserver and the above step Create the RFC Destination must have been completed.
  1. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Tools -> Administration -> Administration -> Network -> RFC Destinations (transaction SM59).
  2. In the RFC Destinations tree, choose TCP/IP connections -> and open the destination with a double-click.
  3. Choose Test connection.
The test is running successfully if transmission duration times are displayed in the SAP window.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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