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EHS_MD_300_20 - Set Up Windows Registry for OCC

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This IMG activity contains information about setting up the Windows registry for the Open Content Connector (OCC).

Use the sample entries created during the OCC installation as a guide. The system EHSOCC and the instance OCCSample are created.

You set up the Windows registry for OCC in the same way as in Set Up Windows Registry for Expert, but you should note the following differences:

  • Activities, point 3: For the Windows registry for OCC you do not need to enter the name and path of a rule file under Rule File.
  • Activities, point 7: Enter EHSOCC under System.

You must set up an instance for each provider. In this instance, specify a mapping for each provider. This entry is in a 1:1 relationship to the user exit under Extend Entry in Secondary Data Determination for OCC. You perform the mapping in a Microsoft Access database.

If the provider provides a standard mapping, you can import it into OCC using Options ->Import Mapping. This creates a standard mapping that you need to adapt to your system.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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