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EHS_SR_230_10_5 - Specify Report Symbol Groups

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In this IMG activity, you check the report symbol groups for default parameter determination and for the assignment of the relevant function modules for symbol expansion.

There are two function modules for each symbol group:

  • The first function module is used for symbol expansion within value file generation.
  • The second function module is used for default parameter determination of symbol groups that were defined for symbols of the type parameter. This function module is called before value file generation.


When being defined, each symbol is assigned to a report symbol group in the IMG activity Check and Specify Report Symbols. This specifies the access method that is used for the value selection for the symbols.
Default parameters can be determined for report symbol groups 04 and upwards. Report symbol groups 01 - 03 may not be changed.

Also assign the report application for which the relevant report symbol group is to determine parameter values to a report symbol group if required.


The report can only be displayed in the report information system if it contains symbols that are assigned to a report application.

Standard settings are delivered.

Do not change report symbol groups 01 to 03, otherwise report generation no longer works.

When creating new report symbol groups for default parameter determination, the function C120_PARAMETER_VALUES_SELECT must always be entered as the function module for symbol expansion.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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