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IHS_MD_SYMBOL_FIELD - Create Symbols for Table Fields

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If you want to insert in a report template a new symbol that relates to a table field, you must create a parameter determination function module for the symbol first and create a symbol group assigned to this module. You then either create the symbol manually or let the system generate it. You then insert it in the report template.

The steps required to do this are described below. The description is valid for all report applications in Industrial Hygiene and Safety. For more information about the report applications, see Check Product Safety Settings.

The examples listed refer to the sample templates for report applications included with the standard system. The same applies, however, to all other industrial hygiene and safety reports, such as accident notifications.

Step 1: Create parameter determination module

The standard system contains copy templates. Examples of these are:

Function moduleReport application
C12N_DEFAULT_PARAM_IALOGHEADIncident/accident log

The interfaces of the parameter determination modules are predefined in the C12N_DUMMY_DEFAULT_PARAM function. This function contains the following tables:


The import table contains the following entries depending on the report application: Examples

With the export table E_CVDDP_TAB, the values of the symbols that are read or calculated in the determination module are returned. Here, the connection between a symbol and an entry in the export table is established via the fields E_CVDDP_TAB-OBJECT and E_CVDDP_TAB-ATTRIB of the export table. The following relationship applies:

Field for SymbolCorresponds WithField in Export Table

Example for Entries in the Export Table

In the parameter determination module you read out the plant for the work area. In this example, the value of the plant is 0001. You output the plant as an entry from the export table E_CVDDP_TAB as follows:

Table FieldValueRemark
E_CVDDP_TAB-VALUE0001Value of the field
E_CVDDP_TAB-REPPARAFLGXReport parameter is always 'X'

When you create the corresponding symbol, you must then enter the value CCIHT_WAH under table name and the value WAPLANT under field name. You make this setting in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools under Check and Specify Report Symbols.

Example of a Parameter Determination Module Parameter Determination Module for the Standard Operating Procedure

Step 2: Create symbol group

  1. In Customizing for Basic Data and Tools, call the IMG activity Specify Report Symbol Groups.
  2. Create the symbol group. You can copy the symbol group 10 to do this.
  3. The symbol group must contain the following information:
  • Symbol expansion funct. module: C12O_PARAMETER_VALUES_SELECT

This applies for all report applications in Industrial Hygiene and Safety.
  • Foreign key - function module: Enter the parameter determination module.

In the example this is the function module Z_DEFAULT_PARAM_WORKAREA.
  • Report application: Enter the report application for the symbol group, for example, work area (WORKAREA) for the standard operating procedure.

Step 3: Create symbol manually (as an alternative to generating, see below)

  1. In Customizing for Basic Data and Tools, call the IMG activity Check and Specify Report Symbols.
  2. Create the new symbol in accordance with the following regulation:
  • Report symbol type: 02 (parameter symbol)

  • Symbol group: Enter the newly created symbol group.

  • Access key parameter: TABLES

  • Table name: Specify the table or structure that you output in the corresponding line of the export table E_CVDDP_TAB of the parameter determination module in the OBJECT field. For the example named above, this is the table CCIHT_WAH.

  • Field name: Specify the field that you output in the corresponding line of the export table E_CVDDP_TAB of the parameter determination module in the ATTRIB field. In the example above, this is the field WAPLANT.

  • Expansion time: 20 (expand in report)

  1. Leave all other entry fields blank.

Step 3: Generate symbol (as an alternative to creating manually)

If you want to create a number of symbols, you can generate them with the help of the system.

  1. Create a new customer structure in the DDIC (such as ZMY_STRUC).
  2. In this structure enter the fields and their data elements for which you want to generate new symbols. Make sure that the parameter determination module from step 1 handles the expansion for all fields in your structure.
  3. Enter your structure in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools in the IMG activity Specify Tables for Report Symbol Generation with the following parameters:
  • Source type: Application: table

  • Generation source: Name of your structure, for example, ZMY_STRUC

  • Class type: Leave blank

  • Expansion time: Symbol value is application-dependent (expand in report)

  • Generation scope: Generate all elements of object

  • Rep. sym. group: Enter the symbol group you created in step 2.

You can restrict generation so that certain fields from your structure are left out (see Specify Tables for Report Symbol Generation).
  1. From the SAP Easy Access menu, call the symbol matchup by choosing Environment, Health and Safety -> Basic Data and Tools -> Tools -> Match Up Master Data.
  2. Set the Generate symbols indicator and choose Execute.
Once the process is finished, a result log is displayed.

Step 4: Insert symbol in report template

See under Create Symbols for Characteristics.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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