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In this step, you make system settings for workflow control within the framework of Asset Accounting. You need these settings for the following activities in Asset Accounting:

  • making mass changes to master data using Workflow
  • posting mass retirement using Workflow
  • completing assets that were not completely created

A workflow activity consists of several tasks. The description of the task is in the task definition. The responsibility for the task is assigned by linking the task to an organizational object from Personnel Planning and Development (PD) organization managment. Therefore, the following basic Customizing settings are required in order to carry out a workflow activity in Asset Accounting:

  • You have to assign the workflow tasks of Asset Accounting to oganizational objects (such as the position "asset accountant")
  • The corresponding organizational objects from your company organization structure have to be assigned to the appropriate user as owner.
  • The event linkage has to be activated for the standard tasks.

You can also carry out mass changes and mass retirements without using workflow. For more information on this option, see the objects on "Mass Changes to Master Data" and "Mass Retirement" in the SAP library for Asset Accounting.

You can also process incomplete assets using normal asset reporting, if you choose. For more information, see the object "Master Data Maintenance with Asset Views" in the SAP library for Asset Accounting.

If you decide not to use Workflow for the three activities discussed here, then you do not need to carry out this step.

SAP supplies a task catalog that contains all the relevant tasks for Asset Accounting.

You can also assign a Workflow task directly to a user. This option is only available if you use Workflow only in Asset Accounting, and your organizational plan is not defined in the system. If this is the case, you do not need any other organizational objects.

  1. Assign the standard Asset Accounting tasks
  • correct worklist

  • release worklist

  • process incomplete assets

to an organizational unit, a position or a user.
You might want to allow the tasks "correct worklist" and "release worklist" to be called up in one step. In that case, you have to make the same assignment for both tasks.
  1. Activate the event linkage for the task "process incomplete assets."

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