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SIMG_GM_AVC_DERIAO - Define Account Assignment Derivation of Availability Control Objects

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The settings affected here are exclusively reserved for the use of Grants Management (GM).

In this IMG activity, you define a strategy for deriving Grants Management (GM) account assignments for GM availability control.

Each GM account assignment, where you create budget or to which you post a budget usage, is assigned an account assignment in the availability control ledger. In this IMG activity, you define the logic on how the account assignments of the availability control ledger (or the control objects) should be derived from the GM account assignments, where you create budget or where you post a budget usage.

The derivation strategy consists of a sequence of steps that uses one of the following derivation methods:

  • Initialization
    In the initialization step, you can set individual GM account assignment elements of the control object to the blank value (SPACE).
  • Assignment
    In the assignment step, you can assign constant values to the account assignment elements of the control object, or you can determine whether the value of individual GM account assignment elements should be copied partially or in full to the account assignment elements of the control object.
  • Derivation rule
    In the derivation rule step, you can define a table of source and target fields to directly determine the account assignment elements of the control objects. After defining the derivation rule table, you must enter table entries with different values for the source and target fields, thus defining the desired values of the target fields for each combination of entered values of source fields.
  • Table lookup
    In the table lookup step, you can access individual records from database tables.
  • Function module
    In the function module step, you can execute a function module to carry out specific assignments, for example after reading the Grant master data.

All derivation steps defined here can be linked to conditions, which must be met in order that the derivation step can be executed.

You want to summarize the consumable budget in the availability control ledger in the following way when entering budget values:

Budget Account Assignments Control Objects
Fund/Spons.Prog./Spons.Class/Validity no. Fund/Spons.Prog./Spons.Class/Validity no.

A possible derivation strategy in this case consists of four assignment steps, which copy the value of the fund and of the sponsored class in full to the relevant account assignment elements in the control object, and which assign a constant value to the sponsored program and the budget validity number of the control object.



SAP provides an empty strategy 9KSAP000, which you can enhance according to your requirements.


If you do not have to carry out a summarization of budget and posting values in one of your availability control ledgers, that is, if all control objects in this ledger match the GM account assignments, where you create budget or post a budget usage, then you can either leave the derivation strategy empty, or leave the field Strategy for Deriving Control Objects empty in the IMG activity Assign Attributes for GM Availability Control Ledger.

  1. Edit the strategy 9KSAP000 and add your derivation steps.
  2. Save your strategy.
Changed strategies are not automatically written to a transport request. You must add them to a transport request manually.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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