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SIMG_OLPR_OPO8 - Activate WBS Element Plan Integration

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In this step, you activate plan integration in WBS elements. Plan integration includes the following functions:

  1. Recording scheduled activity
During activity input planning, the sender cost center is credited and the scheduled activity recorded.
  1. Revaluation of planning objects following price changes
When a CO activity price changes, the integrated planning objects are automatically revalueed at the new price.
  1. Update to profit center accounting/special ledger
The plan costs from primary cost/activity input planning are passed on to profit center accounting.
  1. Plan settlement to cost center
Integrated planning objects can be settled to cost centers only periodically.

All integration functions are processed within a plan version. This means that the price used in valuing activity input is always taken from the version where the input was planned.

You must have maintained a project profile and a plan version.

  • Activate the "Plan integration" indicator in the project profile.
  • Set the "Plan integration" indicator in the detailed view "Settings per fiscal year" for the plan version.

Plan integration does not cover:

  1. Cost plan values in networks
  2. Unit costing in WBS elements
  3. Cost-element independent structure planning in WBS elements

The plan integration indicator is copied into the master data when you create a project. Later changes to the project profile have no effect on existing objects.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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