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CNDP010 - Control FrameWork: Error "&4" when addressing control "&2" - CNDP 010

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An error occurred when the system tried to process the commands from the Automation Queue on the presentation server.

Control with version number produced error when method was executed.

There are several possible reasons for this:

- The installation of the SAP GUI on the presentation server is faulty or obsolete.

- There is an error in the application program

- There is an error in the SAPGUI or an integrated control


1. Make sure that you have imported the appropriate Support Package, the current kernel, and GUI patch for the release of your system

2. Check whether the error occurs locally on one or a few PCs, or generally on all PCs. Note whether the error only occurs for some users, for example because of a specific Customizing setting.
If it only occurs locally, this suggests an installation problem with the PC. Check the installation; if necessary, reinstall the software. In the dump, search for the SY-MSGLI field, since it may point to the cause of the error.

3. Activate the Automation Trace (in accordance with SAP Note 158985).

4. Start the transaction and continue until the screen immediately before the dump.

5. From the System → Utilities menu, choose Autom. Queue, Synchronous Processing.

The status bar of the GUI displays the text:

"Automation synchron flush mode on"

6. If you now proceed with the application, the short dump will display the ABAP call that caused the error; the Automation Trace will contain the error on the presentation server.

7. If necessary, load the short dump and trace files on to sapservX, so that SAP can analyze them.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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