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CND_MAP413 - Customizing inconsistency: Termination of master data load - CND_MAP 413

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Inconsistency in Customizing between R/3 and CRM.

A check is carried out for the consistency of table MNTCNT (R/3) and /SAPCND/T681M (CRM) during an initial and request load for condition master data. Entries in the tables have to be the same in both systems. Table /SAPCND/T681M controls which entries are deleted in the CRM condition tables during an initial load in initialization. If entries in MNTCNT and /SAPCND/T681M are not identical as far as the required mapping of data contents, this indicates that a Customizing download has not taken place, and incorrect status of table contents of /SAPCND/T681M.

In this case, initialization of condition master data can lead to data loss.

System Response

Transfer of master data is terminated.


Check the contents of table MNTCNT (R/3) and /SAPCND/T681M (CRM). (If necessary, inform your system administrator).

Correct the contents of table MNTCNT in the R/3 System. Make entries afterwards in table /SAPCND/T681M by carrying out a Customizing download.

Carry out a new master data load. We recommend that you no longer use blocks of the old master data load left in the queue, but that you start a completely new load. The reason for this is that the contents of table MNTCNT may have been incorrect during the extraction; it is therefore possible that data was not extracted, or incorrectly extracted.

Procedure for System Administration

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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