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CND_MAST881 - Some condition tables could not be generated; check the log for details - CND_MAST 881

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Object for class /SAPCND/CL_CUS_COND_TABLE could not be generated for some combinations of application, usage, and table number.

System Response

The generation of these condition tables is terminated. An error message is displayed.


Regenerate the condition tables later.

Additional information for the condition table regeneration:

(1) Check the cross-client Customizing data for the condition table in table /SAPCND/T681E to make sure that all the variable keys are valid in the CRM system.

(2) Run the report /SAPCND/RV12N001 to regenerate the table. (In the tab 'Selection of objects to be generated', select the flags for 'Condition tables and supplementary tables' and 'Additional objects' ).

Procedure for System Administration

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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