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CNV20201300 - &1, to-year dependent NoRg.&2, ref.subobj.&3 incomplete! => Long text! - CNV20201 300

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For to-year dependent number ranges, different to-years were maintained for subobjects that are relevant for the conversion and for which such number ranges exist.

There is no number range definition for the reference interval (, number=, reference subobject=).

This may cause problems if the NRIV rule (shifting) is used.

System Response

Because one or more to-years are missing in a subobject that is relevant for the conversion, duplicate number range objects may occur if the NRIV rule is used.


The missing to-year number range can be added in table NRIV. After that, it is necessary to repeat IMG step 'Determine relevant number ranges'.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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