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CNV_10020361 - Delimitation by the following target determination objects takes place: - CNV_10020 361

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For this package, specific determination objects and the corresponding values were specified as relevant for the conversion. As a consequence, the values for these determination objects that have not been explicitly specified become irrelevant.


If no values are specified for other determination objects, no delimitation takes place for these objects. This means in particular that no delimitation for the package takes place if the relevance table is not filled.

Caution: If no delimitation takes place, this does not necessarily mean that the org. package is not needed. Determination may still be required for packages with org.-dependent mapping.


Two controlling areas - 0001 and 0002 - are defined in an SAP system. A conversion of cost centers in both controlling areas is planned. In this case, no delimitation is required.
However the mapping says that cost center 1000 needs to be converted into cost center 1001 in controlling area 0001 and into cost center 1002 incontrolling area 0002. This works only if the controlling area is determined, for example by the org. package.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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