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CNV_10020484 - Generation of analysis program for table &1 has failed - CNV_10020 484

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Internal generation of the analysis program for table has failed.


The most likely reason for the generation error is that the CNV_10020_DTFLD entries you want to analyze were maintained incorrectly. Check these entries and repeat the generation.


The analysis programs are generated internally during the org. analysis, but not stored in the database.
If you set the package parameter WRITE_PROGRAMS_ON_DB to 'E' in transaction CNV_10020_PARAM, programs for which errors occurred during generation are stored in the database so that you can analyze them. You can delete these programs again using transaction CNV_10020_DELREP.

  • Alternatively, you can display the analysis program for table by selecting the records for table in transaction CNV_10020_DTFLD and then running the program generation in test mode for the analysis.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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