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CNV_10020569 - Calculation is based on &1 kByte of available memory per task - CNV_10020 569

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The system has calculated a value of kByte per task (background process) to be used as the basis for calculating the memory requirements for determination paths in the current machine.

System Response

For memory requirements of & or higher ( kByte), a warning message is output.


  • The org. package tries to calculate the memory requirements per task using the profile parameters.
    This value is only a first indicator. Depending on the operating system and release, the calculation can differ from the implemented calculation. In particular, only 2 GByte by default and a maximum of 4 GByte can be allocated for 32Bit operating systems.
    If you want to skip the automatic calculation by the org. package, for example because the automatic calculation returns an inccorect value or because you want the processes to run on a different machine, you can enter the value directly in the parameter MEMORY_PER_TASK_MAX in transaction CNV_10020_PARAM. (Do not use a thousand separator.) If you do so, no automatic calculation takes place.
  • The parameter MEMORY_PER_TASK_BORDER_TO_YELLOW in transaction CNV_10020_PARAM defines the percentage of required memory per task from which a warning is output.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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