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CNV_10510012 - Field RUNID (only two digits) has reached the maximum value (99) - CNV_10510 012

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There is an entry in table FAGL_BSBW_HST_BL for which the maximum value of field RUNID has been reached, or will be reached soon.

System Response

During the merge, this issue can lead to an overflow.
Note that this error can also occur the next time that you evaluate foreign currencies.


Either you can decide that this issue does not affect the upcoming merge (that is, the listed company code does not participate in the merge) or you have to reorganize this table by using an activity from the new G/L application. We recommend that you contact SAP for support.

You can find the relevant entries by selecting records that have a value in the RUNID field that is greater than 90.

Procedure for System Administration

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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