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CNV_10996121 - For object &1, session &2 no conversion program could be generated - CNV_10996 121

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You intend to execute an org. dependend conversion but for the table(s) listed before (message CNV 734) no suitable org. derivation settings were found. This table(s) takes part at the archiv conversion and is may used in several archiv objects and / or archiv sessions which were choosen for the conversion in IMG step "Maintain archiving sessions for conversion". Because for each archiv session one conversion program will be generated which converts all tables belonging to that archiv session no conversion program could be generated due to missing org. information.

System Response

Generation of the conversion programm for the session of the archiving object is not possible.


For the tables which were listed before (message CNV 734) either

  • follow the instructions given within the message to customize the org. derivation, or

  • check if the table was excluded of the database conversion due to the table is empty (CNVTABLES NOTUSE = 'X' and NODATA = 'X'). If so you may use FM "KASH_ARCHIVE_DATA_FILE_SHOW" to check and verify that this table is empty within the archiv, too. Use transactions CNV_10996_TABLES and / or CNV_10996_CLASS to exclude that table for each archiv object and in each archiv session by set the NOTUSE flag. Afterwards repeat IMG step "Generate conversion programs for archiv conversion".

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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