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CNV_20000165 - Verification of Invoices for Materials (RMRP) - CNV_20000 165

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This checkpoint is relevant exclusively for org.-dependent conversions.

The tables with data for verification of invoices for materials also contain fiscal year information. From an MM perspective, it is in fact not necessary to convert the fiscal year because the function will continue to work anyway. However if the conversion does not cover this area, this may result in the unwanted side effect that the fiscal year differs from the calendar year.


For the affected tables, duplicate records at database level may occur when the fiscal year is reset. However it is not that easy to ensure that the document numbers are changed consistently (which would be the alternative).

The following tables are affected: all RB* tables, table RKWA, table RSEG.

By default, these tables participate in a fiscal year conversion.

However there is also a preprocessing program that checks if problems might still occur during the ocnversion if year-dependent number allocation (NRIV object = RE_BELEG) is active.

System Response:

  • If this check ends successfully ( status GRREN ), no action is required.
  • If this check ends with warning ( status YELLOW ), all relevant entries are automatically excluded from the conversion at the outset of the fiscal year conversion activity "Check Conversion for Dependence on Org. Units". Check the number range related to 'Verification of Invoices for Materials (RMRP)'; in case you think that duplicate will not occur and tables should participate in conversion, contact SAP by raising an OSS message in component CA-LT-CNV.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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