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CNV_20100020 - Line &1 does not copy CoA, while most likely scenario &2 requires this - CNV_20100 020

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Copying a chart of accounts means that when you change a chart of accounts (for example from X to Y) you also copy the master data of old CoA X to new CoA Y. CoA X continues to exist in the system without any changes. Changes to accounts are made exclusively in CoA Y.

According to the data in line , you do not want to copy the CoA.

However the most likely scenario absolutely requires a CoA copy.

System Response

The possible basic scenarios were checked, but none of them fits.


Check once again if you really do not want to copy the CoA. Note also the status of the Copy Rows indicator.

If the Copy Rows indicator is set, the master data of old CoA X is copied to Y when CoA X is converted into Y (and, if necessary, accounts are merged or renamed), while old CoA X will still exist without any changes after the conversion.


It only makes sense to set the Copy Rows indicator if you want to change the CoA.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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