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CNV_20100100 - Automatic suggestion failed for group name (set class=&1): &2 &3 - CNV_20100 100

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The automatic suggestion for group name of set class for chart of accounts (set subclass) that you want to rename did not work because the maximum length of 12 digits was exceeded due to the required delimiter .

System Response

A suggestion for the name was created, however this suggestion must be edited manually.


Open the mapping table and enter a name for this set.

Further notes

If you do not enter a name, the program for checking sets ends with an error (red traffic light).

If you continue with the conversion without removing the reason for the error, inconsistencies and errors in the area of sets are likely to occur after the conversion.

Note: Sets of set class 0102 are cost element groups; sets of set class 0109 are CO account groups.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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