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CNV_20100203 - Merge at A/B level: No priority control for merge to cost element &1 - CNV_20100 203

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It was found that two or more old cost elements ae mapped to target, but the priority indicator is set for none of these.

If the priority indicator is not set, it is not clear which settings will take priority when the cost elements are merged into .

Besides, the check showed that the merge will take place at A level as well as at B level.

The following cost elements in controlling area are merged at B level:

  • ->

  • ->


Set the priority indicator for one of the entries with target cost element .


It is possible to do the conversion without setting the priority indicator. In this case, however, you should check the A and B segment settings for the cost element after the merge.

Further notes

This message is also displayed if the merge is implicit. In this case, the log will contain another message for target , which describes the recommended next steps.

The priority indicator must not be set more than once for all merges to a given target. This is also valid for cross-chart of accounts merges.

The super priority is mainly useful for tables whose key contains the chart of accounts ID, but no other field that needs to be converted in a chart of accounts conversion, such as account assignment (table T030 and others).

Note also that even if a super priority was defined at chart of accounts level it is still not clear which settings (from which account/cost element) will prevail during a merge to a given target if more than one account/cost element from the same chart of accounts is merged into this target.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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