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CNV_20100217 - Source cost element &3 already exists; implicit merge - CNV_20100 217

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When checking the secondary cost elements that will be merged, the system found that the mapping -> would result in an implicit merge with source cost element .

The reason is that source cost element is not itself the source cost element ( -> XXXX) for another mapping.

Consequently cost element will be merged implicitly with existing cost element at A level as well as at B level.

This has the following consequences. You need:

  1. to find out if the implicit merge is correct from a logical point of view
  2. to explicitely include the entry -> to the mapping
  3. Consider the priority indicator. If the priority indicator is not set, it is not clear which settings will take priority when cost elements and are merged into


Regarding item 2:

Explicitely include the mapping -> in the mapping table so that at least the following entries exist in the mapping table:

  • ->
  • ->
  • If applicable, any others with target cost element .

This allows the system to check the merge for logical correctness.

A troubleshooting activity is associated to this activity which supports you in creating the required mapping entries to resolve the implicit merges.

Regarding item 3:

Set the priority indicator for one of the entries with target cost element .


It is possible to do the conversion without setting the priority indicator. In this case you should check the A segment settings (cost elements, chart of account-dependent data) and the B segment settings (cost elements, controlling area-dependent data) for the affected cost element after the conversion.

Further notes

The priority indicator must not be set more than once for all merges to a given cost element. This is also valid for cross-chart of accounts merges.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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