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CNV_20100299 - Group &1 is not unique after the conversion - CNV_20100 299

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A group is unique if it only contains each subgroup and each value once. Value intervals may not overlap each other.

The program found that after the conversion the group is not unique any longer.

This is due to the conversion of the two old intervals into the two new intervals . These new intervals are overlapping:

Old intervals:
New intervals:

System Response

The system only allows the display of ambiguous groups (not maintenance).


To remove ambiguity, proceed as follows:

  • Resolve Set intervals by using the optional process tree activity
  • Alternatively
  • Call transaction KAH3 after the conversion

  • Choose Extras -> Ambiguity check. The system displays all of the groups and values which occur more than once , and all overlapping values.

  • Remove these groups, values, and overlapping values by processing the affected groups directly

If the standard hierarchy is affected, the compare function enables you to compare the master data (Extras menu).

Procedure for System Administration

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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