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CNV_20100358 - T038: GLIED=&3,ZEILT=&2,SELEK=&1: SELEK is not converted - CNV_20100 358

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The required organizational unit information is missing from the table T038 for the following data record (that is, the fields BUKRS and KTOPL are empty).

  • GLIED =
  • ZEILT =
  • SELEK =

System Response


The field SELEK in the data record mentioned above is not converted.


Find out if this data record belongs to a company code or chart of accounts that participates in the conversion.

Using the transaction CNV_PARAMS, you can specify the T038 data records for the parameter CNV_20100_T038_SELEK_CONVERT in the table CNV_00001_PARAMS that are meant to be converted independent of organizational units in the cases mentioned above.

In these cases, the field CNV_00001_PARAMS-VALUEFROM must contain GLIED.

In these cases, the field CNV_00001_PARAMS-VALUETO must contain SELEK.

In these cases, the content of the field SELEK is converted independent of organizational units (that is, in accordance with the mapping for old and new values) in all cases for which no organizational unit is available.

The new value for T038-SELEK would then be .

Procedure for System Administration

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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