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CNV_20100545 - Posting status has changed for CoA &1, account &2, company code &3 - CNV_20100 545

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During the execution of activity Find Critical Item Category Changes in phase Mapping Tables, the system did not find any postings for chart of accounts , account , company code .

However postings exist for this account.

System Response

The system has found critical item category changes in phase Mapping Tables. These are merges of two or more accounts into one account involving old accounts with different item categories.

For each critical merge, you then had to mark the item category you want apply to the target account of the merge. This was done in activity Specify Item Categories in phase Mapping Tables.

Thereafter the consistency of all item category assignments was checked in activity Check Item Category Customizing. If the system detected any issues, the corresponding messages got stored in the log for this activity.

Any change to the posting status of an account after this point in time is critical for the following reasons:

  • It might invalidate your item category mapping.
  • The messages displayed in the item category customizing check may not be valid anymore.
  • The item category customizing is built up incorrectly, which can have severe consequences.


  • Consider the messages further down in this log.
  • Check if the specified priority of the corresponding critical merge group still fits.
  • Make sure that the item category mapping is not affected and that all other potential error messages of this activity do not lead to problems either. You can then change the status for this activity manually (even if error messages exist).

Note that you are fully responsible for any inconsistency that may result from this manual status change.

Alternatively, you have to deactivate this package and start from scratch by loading a new conversion package.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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