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CNV_20100577 - Multicopy indicator cannot be initialized for table &1 - CNV_20100 577

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According to the chart of accounts mapping, a copy scenario ('Copy Rows' indicator is set) is present.

In such a scenario, the original chart of accounts is retained unchanged in the system, while the target chart of accounts is created and changed as required. This means that all tables that have the chart of accounts or subclass (SETHEADER, SETHEADERT, SETLEAF, SETLINET, SETNODE, RWSHEADER, RWSLINE) as key fields must be copied (and the entries for the target chart of accounts must be changed).

System Response

The system found that for table such a copying should not be done, therefore the multicopy indicator should not be set. However this indicator is already set to 'X'. This might be because several transformation solutions are blended to one package. To ensure that the conversion is correct and consistent, you must check the technical settings for this table.


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Procedure for System Administration

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