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/FRE/EMON127 - Not all demand periods cons. in auto. repl. for prod. &2 in loc. &1 - /FRE/EMON 127

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The optimization horizon for the location product defined in transportation lane maintenance is greater than the general optimization horizon of the target location. The general optimization horizon is considered for the location product and all remaining location product specific demand periods are discarded.

System Response

The general optimization horizon for the target location is determined by the maximum of the optimization horizon for all transportation lanes of the target location, including the generic transportation lanes.

While FRP is running, this maximum is checked against the optimization horizons of the location products. If the system determines a greater optimization horizon than the general location-related optimization horizon, the master data must have been changed in the meantime.


Check the process schedule.

Procedure for System Administration

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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