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The consumption values are significantly lower than a lower limit for the classification mean value, see parameter ' Lower Threshold for FS for Raising an Excp on Consump Trough' in the exception profile.

The consumption trough is determined for the previous week. The exception is only issued for fast sellers, as slow sellers usually have zero consumption during the week.

System Response

The consumption troughs detected are only corrected if you switched on the Outlier Correction for Forecast with Consumption Troughs. In this case the system virtually replaces the consumption trough value by the local mean value. The local mean value is the average of the weekly consumptions in the previous and in the following weeks (new functionality in release F&R 5.1.).


If you do not agree that such a low consumption appeared, check the consumption in the F&R Cause Determination and double-check it in the system that transferred the data to F&R (e. g. PIPE in SAP BI, SAP ERP or another POS DM system for stores and SAP ERP or a WMS for DC's). As well check the correct transfer of consumption data into F&R (using an appropriate monitoring tool in the source system, e. g. the connectivity exception monitor in SAP ERP) and the correct booking from the time series interface (using the F&R interface workbench). Contact the store manager or DC manager, if necessary.

In case batchjobs for consumption data transfer or consumption data booking haven't worked correctly contact the system administration.

In case the exception permanently appears for a big number of location products, decide whether the lower threshold in the exception profile(s) has to be lowered.

Procedure for System Administration

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