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/LIME/CORE625 - Length exceeded (&1) in selection with value range table - /LIME/CORE 625

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The selection criteria of a value range table cause a length excess.

You have specified selection criteria for locations, HUs, stock items, or serial numbers with a value range table. For executing the LIME query the values of the value range table are converted to a logical condition that is used to generate the SQL statement.

The permitted total length of an SQL statement is restricted according to the database system. By exploding the value range table, the size restrictions of the SQL statement was exceeded.

System Response

The system could not execute the LIME query.


The length of the generated SQL statement essentially depends on the number of entries in the value range table. Check whether you can reduce the number of entries in the value range table.

Locations, HUs, stock items or serial numbers can be selected in three types:

  • Value range tables
  • BIZ tables (list of the relevant business key values)
  • GUID table

Check whether you can execute the LIME query with BIZ or with GUID tables. There is no length restriction for BIZ and GUID tables.

Procedure for System Administration

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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