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/LIME/OUTBOUND006 - Only one R/3 MM-IM call possible for each LIME document - /LIME/OUTBOUND 006

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The system attempts to call application SAP R/3 MM-IM from a LIME document. However, several MM-IM documents are created from one LIME document. This is not possible during an immediate call of the dispatcher.

System Response

For an immediate dispatcher, the system only allows one MM-IM call for each LIME document, as the dispatcher does not have COMMIT control, and MM-IM expects a COMMIT WORK after every document.


Procedure for System Administration

Two options:

  • Set the dispatcher to 'not immediately' in Customizing, if SAP R/3 MM-IM does not have to be called immediately after a LIME posting. Then plan job /LIME/DISPATCHER_EXEC at regular intervals.
  • Change the LIME message or the implementation of the dispatcher BAdI, so that only one MM-IM document is created.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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