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CPF8209 - System not in proper state to reclaim storage. ( OS/400 )

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Message : CPF8209
System not in proper state to reclaim storage.

Message Long Text :

Cause . . . . . : Either all the subsystems were not ended before running the RCLSTG command or there is a system job still running or there is at least one Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) Device not in VARIED OFF status.
Recovery . . . : Do one of the following and try the RCLSTG command again:
-- End all subsystems by issuing either the ENDSBS or the ENDSYS command.
-- If the RCLSTG command is run after an IPL, you may need to wait several minutes for the IPL to complete. Use the Work with Active Jobs (WRKACTJOB) command to verify that no jobs are running and the status of all the subsystems is not active.
-- Use the Work with Configuration Status (WRKCFGSTS) command, specifying CFGTYPE(*DEV) CFGD(*ASP) to vary off all the ASP devices.

Message File : QCPFMSG
Library Message File : QSYS2924

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